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Admin Reply New car factory or car repair must go through the joint, in order to enter the normal use of the state. The running in period has the following characteristics: (1) quick wear parts. (2) fault. (3) oil is easy to degenerate. (4) high fuel consumption. (5) fasteners are easy to loose. ? In particular, the car in the closing period, so the reasons for the exclusion of repair, there may be caused by the following reasons such as the red light. (1) oil unsuitable with low-grade oil or high viscosity oil. During the appropriate use of the lower viscosity of the oil in order to facilitate chip removal and heat dissipation, high viscosity oil due to pump oil difficult and easy to lubricate. (2) did not go well with the long drive, hard drive. (3) driving fierce fierce start, acceleration, brake suddenly. (4) walking poor road, traveling in the sunken area or country.
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Admin ReplyOil viscosity is too low, it is easy to appear on the red light, poor lubrication, so, it is thought that the greater the viscosity of the better, in fact, this view is wrong. Indeed, for the age of the car, parts have a certain degree of wear and friction parts of the gap larger, with high viscosity oil is conducive to strengthening its sealing, the effect will be better. But for most vehicles, consider energy-saving and discharge waste, tendency to use low viscosity oil is advantageous, because: (1) high viscosity oil flow is poor, start the resistance consumption. (2) the high viscosity oil is more difficult to reach the friction parts in the starting moment than the low viscosity oil. (3) low temperature of high viscosity oil is poor, especially in winter, it is difficult to start the vehicle.
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