Company strength

        Shandong FangYu Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd.was founded in December 2009, Registered capital of 500 million yuan,is a production of lubricating oil base oil and refined oil based production and processing enterprises. The company is located in Zibo City Linzi Qilu Chemical Industrial Park, the south side of highway 102, south close to Jiaoji railway, North on State Road 309 and Jiqing expressway, geography position superior, transportation convenience.

        Shandong FangYu Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd.owns the domestic advanced production equipment, strong technical force, the company in the construction of "1.6 million tons / year of paraffin base lubricating oil hydrogenation project" process by the advanced wax oil hydrogenation refining, isodewaxing, secondary molding process and hydrogen production process the domestic high-end lubricating oil base oil. Company with a number of colleges and universities, research institutes conducted extensive research and cooperation, the production process of lubricating oil has been identified by the provincial scientific and technological achievements, by the domestic and international novelty search, identification of the results reached the international advanced level.At present, the project has been listed as a major project in Zibo City, Zibo City, Zibo Province, one hundred key industrial projects and key construction projects in Shandong province.


        Shandong FangYu Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd.committed to R & D and production of high performance lubricating oil, there are five major categories, dozens of varieties of more than one hundred types of products is pushed to the market, widely used in agriculture, industry, transportation and other fields; in product quality control, the company strictly in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 quality management system certification control product production process, to guarantee the quality of the products. According to the environmental law requirements of the indicators, the company passed the ISO 14001 environmental management system certification. The company occupational health and safety management system in all aspects of the implementation effect were to reach the standard requirements, successfully passed the OHSAS18001: 1999 system certification audit, which marks the Fangyu in occupational health and safety management has reached the international advanced level. Company has unique ancillary service advantages, bonded tank and the special railway line for the import of raw materials and products Sinotrans created favorable conditions.

        "FangYu lubricating oil, harmony between heaven and earth". In the face of the fierce market competition, our company will continue to deepen the reform, innovation mechanism, adapt to the market, develop in an all-round way, Fang Yuren adhering to the "character for the world," the service concept, continue to strengthen the company's internal management, enhance the company's comprehensive quality of service, establish a good reputation and image, striving for the domestic first-class lubrication oil production enterprises, for the national oil brand make greater contribution.

        Never stop,the FangYu lubricating oil have been hoisting construction of 1.6 million tons / year such as the flicker and hydrogen project phase II expansion project, the response is a single weight of 520 tons, 36 meters high, fabricated by Qingyuan group's Shandong Qilu Petrochemical Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the single set of processing capacity of Asia maximum, pressure level of the world's highest lubricating oil hydrogenation unit. The hydrogenation unit with the aid of supporting devices and improve the industrial chain, fully able to produce in line with the IV standard API class, V class of the world's most high-end lubricating oil base oil.

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